Why us?

For more than 20 years we have been successfully placing experts and expert teams in highly specialized fields of drive technology, automation technology, e-mobility and renewable energy.

The recruiting team of Stöcker & Stöcker consists of engineers with in-depth expertise in the respective areas. This allows us to find the right candidates meeting the exact requirements of our clients.

We understand ourselves as problem solvers, who communicate with the specialty and the HR department at eye level.

Renewable energy

Compact designs, failsafe systems, hybrid generation of energy and increasingly high rated power combined with increasing price pressure due to auctions: These challenges are currently facing the wind industry. We have been working with leading companies since 2004 and find highly qualified engineers in the fields of R&D, QM, testing, service and sales for mechanical and electrical tasks. Our recruiting expertise is requested internationally and ensures fast and exactly fitting fillings.

Drive technology

You need to understand the nature of motion in order to get a sense for the future – to this effect drive technology has always been a particular passion of our company. From mechanical components such as bearings and gears, electromechanical component assemblies such as generators and power electronic modules to smart mechatronic transmission systems and drive trains: We have been accompanying our clients for many years in the development of innovative drive solutions for stationary and mobile applications. By bringing together the right people we make our contribution to the technological progress in the industry.

Automation technology

Hardly any other field has ever made so high demands on interdisciplinary development skills as does industrial automation – electromechanical drives meet the latest measuring, control and regulation technology as well as new communication technologies. From reliable sensors and actuators, flexible industrial robots and co-bots to fully networked production facilities – with our candidates we offer the right expertise for the biggest challenges in hardware, software and system engineering.

Information technology/IT

Whether smart farming and self-propelled combine harvesters, machine learning in industrial production or digital twins, and predictive maintenance of wind turbines: the digitization of all industrial areas is in full swing and promises higher productivity and efficiency, the fulfilment of individual customer wishes and the emergence of entirely new business models. At the same time these opportunities are faced with major challenges: in order to survive international competition enterprises do not only have to invest in their software and IT skills, but also in the digitization of their processes and the organizational agility. Our candidates help and develop elegant solutions for the biggest challenges in fields like the control and use of big data, the creation of innovative embedded systems or information technology as support to operational engineering processes.


Innovative processes are our standard. The unique interconnection of our recruiting methods guarantees a quick and exactly fitting filling.

The direct approach

is our proactive way of reaching candidates. Our recruiting teams are divided into specialist fields to ensure an optimized recruiting process.

Active e-Recruiting

is used parallelly and supportively to our direct approach to achieve a deeper market penetration. Consequently we reach a wider spectrum of qualified candidates.

Our recommendation tool

The best consultant are the engineers themselves. By means of our popular recommendation tool we continuously find perfectly fitting candidates.